Many of us don’t want to slow down over the winter months. With some trial and error, you’ll find ways to stay warm. But what about your feet? They take extra abuse in the cold, so the following are some tips for your feet during cold weather runs.

1. Look for a running shoe that does NOT have a polyurethane foam shock absorption system. Polyurethane loses some of its capacity of absorb shock when the temperature drops below freezing. Shoes with air pockets, gel pockets, or ethylene vinyl acetate all performed much better at freezing temperatures than polyurethane.

2. Don’t overdo it on the socks. Wear one pair of medium weight synthetic socks. Many good sock companies make specific socks for winter running. Sometimes good trail running socks are warmer too. Don’t wear cotton socks. Synthetic socks wick away moisture and help prevent blister formation and cold feet.

3. Use the “right” socks with the “right” shoes. With many brands, winter running socks are a little thicker than “regular” running socks, so you might need to have a slightly larger running shoe to fit the extra thickness. If you don’t consider this, it could lead to blisters and tight toes.

4. Avoid puddles and slush. This is an obvious one. Keep those feet dry if at all possible.

5. Don’t wear old shoes. Sometimes, that seems like the smart thing to do: keep the new shoes clean and dry, and wear the old ones out in the snow and slush. But don’t do this. The cushioning in old shoes is much less, and the cold temps only make that worse.And new shoes will have better traction because the soles won’t be as worn.

7. Put Duct Tape over the “vents” in your shoes. The mesh at the front of your running shoes is there to release heat during normal runs. But in the winter, you want to keep that heat in. Place a strip of duct tape over the top of your shoes to help keep your feet werm. Add this to the list of “what duct tape can do!”

8. If all else fails, take a break from running. Let your running slip for a few months, but workout in other ways.Be safe, Be Seen.

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