Winter is the time for snowy weather, sub-zero temperatures, and visiting the A+E for the reason that you fell on the ice. For the elderly, all that ice and snow signifies an increased chance of falls and slips.

Here are a few things one can do to make winter a bit less perilous:

– If you have to walk through an icey car park or driveway, try to find a firm arm to lean on. Nearly everyone is happy to help an older person move along a slippery walkway. All you have to do is ask.

– Bring a mobile phone when you get out of the house. If you fall, it could sometimes be hard to get up. Keeping a mobile phone with you whenever you go out can give you composure.

– If you have railings going up to your front door, make sure that they are sturdy. They should be able to support you in case you slipped.

– Check your footwear. Examine your boots and shoes. Better traction can help keep you extra stable on icy surfaces.

– Keep the shovel and salt inside your house. The reason you need a shovel and salt is so that you do not have to walk across a slippery footpath. If you need to traverse through the ice and snow to get to your garage where the salt and shovel are, that defeats the purpose.

– Slow down. It is when you rush that you end up losing your balance. Keep in mind that being a bit late is better than rushing and then falling.

– Strengthen your legs. Strong leg muscles could help you steady yourself if you lose your balance. Moreover, if you do fall, it would be a lot easier to get back on your feet. You should exercise your legs frequently to keep them strong.

These little tips, when used together, could make the winter elements a bit less intimidating.

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