Diabetes Ireland 10KM June Bank Holiday Weekend Challenge is back…

This coming June holiday weekend, Diabetes Ireland needs your support. We are asking you to complete a 10KM walk, run, or cycle. Whether you do it at once, spread it over the weekend or split it with family and friends, the impact is the same.

No matter how you do it, our key message is that exercise is good for everyone and is even more so if you have diabetes, so get active and by taking part you can also help raise vital funds for Diabetes Ireland. This year, the funds you raise will go towards supporting our helpline and education services for people with diabetes who need our help today.

To register or help support our fundraising campaign, click here.

Share Your Success on Social Media:

Over the June bank holiday weekend, let us know how you are getting on – are you walking, running, or cycling? Are you taking on the challenge yourself or with family? 

Post your photos on social media and take us on your journey and tag us; on InstagramTwitter,  FacebookLinkedIn TikTok and don’t forget to use our hashtag #donatetodiabetes 

Alternatively, you can email your photos to info@diabetes.ie and we will share them for you.

Stay Hydrated During Exercise

During exercise, fluid loss from sweating can be very high, particularly in warm weather. If you do not replace these losses through drinking, you will become dehydrated. Dehydration can cause fatigue and make us feel unwell.

To stay well hydrated during the day we need to take in a minimum of 6 – 8 glasses of water and other fluids. Many people find when the weather is warm or when they are more active, they will naturally want to drink more. As we get older our sense of thirst often lessens.

Signs of dehydration can include headache, irritability, altered bowel habits such as constipation, dry skin or cracked lips.

It is a good habit to drink regularly during the way, both after and between meals to prevent dehydration.

Fluid favourites with the Diabetes Ireland team include herbal tea, iced water with sliced lemon, and diluted MiWadi 0%.

Staying Adequately Fuelled for Daily Physical Exercise

Being active and eating healthily go well together! Activity is a huge help in managing diabetes, by increasing amount of glucose used by our muscles and helping the body use insulin more efficiently.

Our nutrition information can be located on our website www.diabetes.ie

Here you will find guidance for Type 1 Diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, Pre-diabetes, and general Healthy Eating advice. Depending on how often you are active, and what that activity entails you may need more detailed dietary input – if this 10km challenge has whetted your appetite for more active adventures see www.indi.ie or www.runsweet.com for more detailed advice on nutrition for sport. 

For most of us, a healthy balanced diet with regular meals including some carbohydrate for energy is what we need to ensure we are adequately fuelled for daily physical activity.

Ideas for carbohydrate containing meals:

  • Porridge with low-fat milk, and fruit 
  • Vegetable soup and bread roll
  • Sandwich with lean meat/turkey and salad

Ideas for carbohydrate-based snacks:

  • Glass of low-fat milk and piece of fruit
  • Piece of cheese and crackers
  • Portion of fruit salad

For more meal ideas and recipes, click here.

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