Dear Colleague,

We are following up with regard to the request for guidance regarding the CPD Certificate – Delivering Change in Health Services – 12 CPD points (developed by HSE in collaboration with RCSI).

Your registrants can access and complete our eLearning programme Delivering Change in the Health Services at any time on HSeLanD.  They then have the option to apply the learning in their own service and complete the Learning Review Template to apply for 12 CPD points accredited with RSCI.  The next submission date for CPD points is 1st February 2022.

The CPD Certificate is:

ü  Informed by People’s Needs Defining Change- Health Services Change Guide. It is:

o   Researched in the context of Ireland and evidence based. 

o   Policy framework and agreed approach to change signed off by HSE Leadership and co-sponsored and agreed with the Trade Unions.   

o   Essential guide to change, mapping out a step-by-step approach and also assisting you address the ‘messiness of change’.

ü  The Change Guide can also be applied to assist Health & Social Care Professionals facilitate change in the lives of their service users, patients and communities as well as guide change within teams and services.  

Communication and information sharing:

We would really value your support in letting members of your professional body know about this CPD Certificate and how they can access the details. We would be very pleased if you could include information in relevant communications with members i.e. newsletters or mail shots. To assist you in this regard we have included:  

ü  Animation 1 minute video regarding the programme – access on 

ü  CPD Certificate Delivering Change in Health Services information pack (attached)

ü  Article that may be suitable for one of your publications (attached)

ü  CPD Recognition pathway visual (attached)

ü  Details of the CPD/eLearning Programme are available on our website at

ü  Applicants can access and complete the eLearning Programme now, it is live on HSeLanD- once logged on, go to Course Catalogues an enter Delivering Change in Health Services- Complete Guide into the search bar function- see poster attached.

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