Dear Members,

We understand that many of our members have been facing ongoing payment issues with the HSE concerning patients with Chiropody Cards. We want our members to be aware that although there has been some progress, it is uncertain when the issue will be fully resolved. With the HSE’s intention to bring in the Health Regions Implementation Plan from February 2024 there is a real possibility that the payment procedure may become further complicated. Therefore, it is crucial that members ensure that they have done everything possible to get payments settled by the end of 2023.

The SCPI continues to actively liaise with the HSE in an ongoing effort to seek a prompt resolution. We have requested a meeting with the Head of Services at the HSE and are also seeking for an online tutorial/training session regarding the new invoicing and payment Processes for further clarification to our members.

While we do not wish to dictate your actions, we want to make you aware that the issue is ongoing and how you choose to proceed is ultimately your decision. We respect your professional judgment and would like to remind you that we are here to provide support throughout this challenging period.

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