We are writing to confirm to you that while the University has changed its trading name to University of Galway it has not changed its bank account details nor does it have any plans to do so.

There has been a recent increase in messages impersonating large organisations such as universities.  University of Galway is reminding you to always be on the lookout for signs of potential scams or fraud.  Please make sure to stay vigilant to new techniques and messages that fraudsters might be attempting.

Stop: If you receive a message purporting to be from University of Galway that is out of the ordinary or not requested, stop, and take a minute before you do anything. 

Think: Always examine the content of any messages you receive.

Watch out for these common tactics used by fraudsters:

  1. Unnecessary and overuse of capital letters to demand your attention.
  2. Requests like ‘Take immediate action’ or ‘Urgent action needed’.
  3. Use of fake links – typically variations of the real website address.
  4. Mention of amounts of money.
  5. Claims from authority institutions or known service providers to enhance trust.

Check: If you receive a message from University of Galway asking you to change bank account details, you should always call the University by phone and check its legitimacy.

If you think you have made a payment, which may be of a fraudulent nature, please call Áine Corless on 091-492055 immediately.

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